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Raymondskill Falls

Raymondskill Falls is the tallest waterfall in the state, and only 4 feet shorter than Niagara, Raymondskill Falls has always been a tourist attraction. The 100-footlong rectangular mound surrounded with weeds near the turn off from US 209 is all that remains of the former Hotel Schanno. To get to the falls, exit the parking area to the right of the restrooms, and walk down the gravel path and stairs about 400 feet. There are two viewing platforms: one near the head of the falls, and one at a large step that divides the upper two drops from the lower. Each divide in the falls indicates a harder sandstone layer that separates softer layers below. Adjacent to the lower drop is a thin horsetail cascade exiting from a ledge surrounded by rhododendron. This cascade flows only during and after a good rain.

Alt Route (Route 209 is closed): take Milford Rd (SR2001) to Raymondskill Rd to the falls.

Off Route 209, 2.5 miles south of Milford, you take a right up Raymondskill Road to two parking lots. The building on the site is the famous “$600,000 Outhouse”, for which the Park Service took considerable ribbing. But most important, Raymondskill is the highest falls in Pennsylvania in a beautiful glade. The trail leading to the top of the falls is especially dramatic as the water cuts through the escarpment. The trail eventually comes out on Raymondskill Road again. Across the road a trail continues up the creek to Hackers Falls (#5).

Map of Trail System: http://www.nps.gov/dewa/planyourvisit/upload/mapCLIFFPARK.pdf

Activities: Hiking, Waterfall Viewing
GPS Coordinates: 41.29026, -74.84010
Raymondskill Small Falls at Raymondskill Raymondskill Falls, Milfprd PA Lower Raymondskill Falls, Milford PA Small Falls at Raymondskill Falls, Milford PA
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